Cornwall Aquatics was established in China in1992 and is located in HuiZhou, Guangdong province. We specialize in tropical fish breeding and our fish breeding farm occupies 184 acres. We have a good water source and our underground water has a pH level of 6 and under 100ppm in hardness.

Our fish farm is close to major airports in the region, with driving times of 90 minutes to Hong Kong airport, one hour to Guangzhou airport, 50 minutes to Shenzhen airport and 10 minutes to Huizhou airport. Moreover, our farm is also close to the entrance of Huida Highway. Our indoor breeding facilities comprise about 6000m2 in floor space and another 110 acres is dedicated to blood worm and daphnia cultivation.

Our main products are water-selective fishes such as neon tetra, cardinal tetra and rummy nose to name a few. Our fishes are both for export and domestic sales. For the past 24 years, all our fishes are home-bred, from egg to adult. Our farm is set in a very green environment with parks and trees for a conducive and natural fish breeding setting. Golden trumpet trees are grown throughout the farm and we also maintain a Magnolia Berry orchard of which the five-flavour berries are renowned in traditional Chinese medicine as one of 50 fundamental herbs.

Ornamental fish needs tender care and patience to breed them successfully and healthily. Our valuable experience has shown that fish breeds best with live food. That is why we feed our fishes with blood worms and daphnia from our farms to ensure that they grow strong and healthy with beautiful colours and textures. Up to 250,000 new fishes are born in our farm every day.

Every fish sold is meticulously selected to ensure that our clients are provided with the best from us. It is a labour-intensive task that we are consistently proud and one that sets up apart from our competitors.